About Us

Our esteemed elderly who have been active in textile and woven sector for long years, got together in 1984 and established our company called Başaranlar Dokumaevi. And they carried it today by working hard, being open to innovation at all times, by being focused in the future, and trading based on the principle of integrity. Our company during the long years it has been active, made a new in a way it was targeted in its market, and gained a strong seat for itself.

As Başaranlar Tekstil we currently continue our production with fancy fabrics, fabrics for wedding gowns, dressy fabrics such as, Acetate Satin Lycra, Matte Satin, Dupont Satin, American Satin, Lycra Amerikan Saten, Organdy, Taffeta and plus we produce with respect to our customers’ demands and answer their requirements. Our products are 100% domestic and it is entirely our own production. In all stage of the fiber after woven and dyed and turns into fabric ready for sales, we strictly follow up our work and show ultimate attention to produce high quality fabric with no fault. Our company assumed the principle of working with righteous trade and with correct moves and while it continues towards its objectives it also kept quality and positive shopping in the foreground at all times. We are proud to serve this sector as Başaranlar Tekstil.